Zipper Bag 1100 mAh

On the end of the battery is the cartomiser. This cartomiser is the cartridge of nicotine. These are usually disposable and contain pre installed nicotine vapour.
Vaporizers are designed to be an efficient, reliable and consistent nicotine delivery system. While they look less like e-cigarettes they offer more practicality due to their design.
Vaporizers don’t look like cigarettes at all, they look more like a pen with a pipe mouthpiece on the end. They were originally designed to give electronic cigarette smokers a more satisfying experience by improving the nicotine delivery process, increasing battery life and offering far more choice of taste, flavour and e-liquid supply. You can buy e-liquid from any
supplier and use in any vapouriser you have.
In a vaporizer, you add e-juice into the reservoir tank (Clearomizer) which is a see through section of the vaporizer. This lets you see how much E Liquid you have left. The other benefit is that the vaporizer delivers the same level of nicotine hit regardless of how full or empty the clearomiser tank is. This gives you consistency in nicotine hit which is the most important thing for many of our customers.

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