If you wish to smoke a cigarillo that will change your opinion about ever switching to the next brand, choose the Backwoods Wild Rum blend. Grown on the fertile farms of Puerto Rico, these cigarillos are covered in a natural wrapper. Perfectly crafted to deliver just the right combination of strength and flavor, BACKWOODS has managed to concoct a mild in strength recipe that will embrace your sense of taste without overbearing its threshold. Cloaked in a Connecticut Broadleaf, these cigarillos are seamlessly bound by a homogenized tobacco leaf – a perfect recipe for a slow and consistent burning experience. This blend eradicates the requirement to fill the cigarillo with short filler tobaccos since it is comprised of natural tobaccos. Each of these products has a length of 4.5 inches and a gauge of 32.

ITG Brands is the third largest manufacturer of tobaccos products in the nation, professionally carrying Backwoods as an offshoot brand.

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