This Bright 150 Lumen LED Flashlight is also a Powerful Self Defense Weapon for Your Protection!

Having a 4.9 Million Volt Stun Gun Built on the End!

The Batteries are Built in to the Aluminum Body and is Designed to be Recharged OVER 500 Times!

 Safe to carry having the ability to turn off the stun Gun portion,

 Allowing you to Carry it in a pocket, in a Purse or a Back Pack without any fear of an accidental shock!

Always Having the Ability to Turn ON the Stun Gun Portion in Less than a Seconds Notice!


Features; Super Bright 150 Lumen Bright LED Light

On/Off Safety Switch

Built in Charger with a U.S. 2 Prong Power Cord

Just Plug it into the Wall to Charge!

Full size Nylon Carrying case for Belt 

Aluminum Reinforced Aircraft grade aluminum Body

Designed for Police/Security Use

6.5″ in length and a Beautiful Rugged Design!

This Stun Gun/flashlight self defense weapon can be used 

on walks, Scaring off stray Dogs and other Dangers, 

in hunting, camping, in case of emergency, and many other uses


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