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Pyramids Wholesale and distribution is a privately owned company and established in 2012. We are located at Nashville, TN.

Pyramids wholesale is dedicated to the smoking accessories industry, with the clear aim of refining product quality and providing a superior level of customer service.

We carry everything a serious wholesale smoke shop should carry, such as hand smoking pipes, bubblers, soft glass, grinders, safes, ash catchers, slides and many other smoking accessories.

Our company also wholesales stash caned drink, energy drink, canned beverage, including CocaCola, Diet Coke, Arizona flavored drinks, beer and detox drink and beverage. We also offer an array of scales from portable pocket scales to our heavy duty industrial scale line. All our products are guaranteed with a full manufacturer warranty.

So if you’re reseller looking for a reliable wholesale supplier of smoking accessories, please call us at (615) 333-3320 or (615) 481-4518 or email us at george@localhost


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