How To Say Girl In Japanese 6+ Ways!

As a singular kanji, it has several different meanings, including “pure,” “clean,” “simple,” and “moisture,” among other interpretations. Japan has a deep-rooted history of respect for academia; teachers and school administrators are still treated with reverence. Schoolteachers are often greeted with the honorific sensei, a term also used to address doctors, lawyers and politicians. This may explain why scholar has consistently been in the top ten choices for little boys since 1989. Hiroshi Shimizu’s exquisite silent drama, set in the modernizing port town of Yokohama, tells of the humiliating downfall experienced by Sunako after jealousy drives her to commit a terrible crime. With its lushly photographed landscapes and innovative visual storytelling, Japanese Girls at the Harbor shows a director at the peak of his powers and experimentation.

  • Pronounced SHEE-O-REE, the name Shiori has lots of different meanings.
  • The dolls are displayed hierarchically with the emperor and empress at the top, which are set in front of a gilded screen representing the throne.
  • Traditionally, girls in Japan invited their friends to a home party to celebrate this festival.
  • Unfortunately, we only had enough room here for 100 Japanese girls’ names, so we had to cull over 100 more from our list.
  • Not only that, every Japanese girl I met what was already in a relationship with another man was very loyal to him.

Sachiko means child of bliss or child of happiness. Mika combines the kanji for beautiful with the one for either fragrance or increase. Brazillian esports player Mayumi may only be 18, but she has already become an icon in League of Legends, as well as an inspiration to other female gamers. Some meanings for Mayumi are spindle tree, elegant bow, and truth, reason, beauty. Koyuki Higashi and Hiroko Masuhara married at Tokyo Disneyland’s Cinderella Castle in 2012. They became the first “officially” find more on married same-sex couple in Japan.

A linguistics and ESL major, she spent 3 years teaching at an all-boys high school. Now based in France, she remains a self-confessed Japanophile who loves kanji, cooking, cats and the outdoors. As you can see, there are many different words for girl in Japanese! Although it might seem overwhelming at first, you will see that many of these words have the same roots. In anime, ojousama and ojousan are typically used to address wealthy, high-class female characters. Ojousama and ojousan are part of formal Japanese language known as keigo because of the honorific prefix O / お and suffixes sama / 様 and san / さん as in o-jou-sama and o-jou-san.

When the survey was first conducted in 1989, doctor didn’t appear in the top ten choices for girls and didn’t show up in that range until 1993. It’s great to see that Japanese girls are realizing that if men can be doctors, so can they. In contrast to this, doctor was the number one choice for American girls (16%) in a similar survey in the United States published in 2015. This is a trait that I’ve noticed in every Japanese female I’ve ever met.

We hope you have enjoyed our list of Japanese names as much as we enjoyed tracking them down. Unfortunately, we only had enough room here for 100 Japanese girls’ names, so we had to cull over 100 more from our list. Shinju is a pretty name, but it is similar to Shinjū, so you may want to give it a pass. Shinjū refers to double suicide, or more commonly in modern use, any suicide of two or more people bound together by love, social, or family bonds.

On the outside, she’s the most amazingly perfect and polite woman I have ever met in my life. But when it’s just the two of us, she’s just like any other girlfriend or roommate that I’ve ever had. Hinamatsuri is believed to have its roots in the ancient Chinese custom to ward off evil spirits by transferring the sin of the body and any misfortunes to the dolls and release them into the rivers. Both Korean and Japanese ladies are famous for their fair and almost flawless skin.

Non-Japanese geisha

In preparation for my Japanese friends first trip to the UK, we sat down to discuss British culture, covering everything from Harry Potter to Chavs, Restaurant etiquette to the Queen – complete with “combat training”…. A few years ago I made a video called 12 Things Not Do in Japan. In the last few months dozens of Japanese Youtubers have reacted to it. By popular request, here’s my thoughts on it all, as well as my reaction to their reaction of my reaction….

One month of dating, 2 weeks of dating, 100 days of dating, and anything in between. Gaaru is not to be confused with the similar sounding word gyaru (ギャル) which is a slang word meaning ‘gal’ or ‘gurl’ and refers to a Japanese fashion subculture which started in the 1970s. There are several words for ‘girl’ in Japanese and many of you know that this is because Japanese has formal and informal ways of describing people. I got to reevaluate my life’s value after watching this movie.


A different variant of this name, Atsuko, can also be used. Former fashion designer Atsuko Yamano is a founding member of Shonen Knife, a Japanese alternative rock trio.

Of course, a beautiful flower certainly suits a beautiful baby! Pronounced A-YA-MEH, this name has a beautiful sound. And, of course, it’s a Japanese flower name for girls, ayame means “iris,” referring to the purple flower. After the war, geisha unanimously returned to wearing kimono and practicing the traditional arts, abandoning all experimental geisha styles of appearance and entertainment.

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The Japanese word hana means “flower,” and since ko means “child,” you have yourself an adorable flower child with this name! Pronounced KHEE-KA-REE, this cool Japanese girl’s name simply means “light.” It’s perfect for the new light in your life!

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